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DM DIGITALS started as small firm in the year 2000. Our goal is to accept a new challenge in each event & create a new concept with each day. This evolution of a small firm into a large operational firm, in the last 20 years of our experience has helped us develop our niche in the market. Not only West Bengal but we have also reach out all over world and create new opportunities all around Indian and Global Countries having received wonderful customer feedback. Growing up with new opportunities and building professional team is our goal. Working as a team is always required. Team is our strength.

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Pre Wedding Photography

We square measure the team of creative wedding photographers with a passion for candid wedding photography making us additional in style collectively of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, India. We tend to measure specialized to capture artistically totally different distinctive moments that the couple wants to be a gift within the recollections.
Wedding cinematography is the art of documenting a marriage by cinematic style. Our team is artistic and skilled within the correct use of lighting, numerous camera angles with totally different lenses, instrumentality for sleek shooting and solid writing. With our medium techniques, we have a tendency to are going high on best wedding cinematographers in Kolkata, India.

Eco Park Prewedding Kolkata | Love Beyond Frontier

Eco park prewedding kolkata | love beyond the frontier   The couple always inquiry us for the Eco park prewedding Kolkata A thematic prewedding shoot is a shoot that has a specific theme that you and your partner have chosen together. You can choose a theme that...

Prewedding at the Maidan Kolkata | Someone to love

Prewedding at the Maidan Kolkata | Someone to love   A longer lens may be a staple of pre wedding photoshoots because it produces beautiful images that not only complement your subject’s best features but also create a gorgeous background blur that helps keep the...

Kolkata eco park prewedding Nishant Vandana

Kolkata eco park prewedding Nishant Vandana   Different couples have different ideas for his or her pre-wedding photoshoots. Some couples want it to be simple and natural, while others choose more glamorous, editorial shoots. It’s important to debate this before...

Destination Prewedding Swarup & Diya

Destination Prewedding Swarup & Diya   Using natural light is preferable for several photographers, but there are times once we need a touch help, and this is often when the off-camera flash comes in handy for pre wedding photography. Your subjects are often...

Wedding Photography

Creative Professional Candid Wedding Photography

Prewedding photography is a growing trend where engaged couples decide to have professional photos taken in a special location before their wedding day.  Choosing location is one of the biggest trouble. So we always prefer your choice. Find out few pre wedding location in Kolkata and out of station.
We area unit extremely counseled to our consumer for pre-wedding photography. it is the best thanks in producing chemistry between the married couple and conjointly to permit an artist to understand regarding likes and dislikes, best postures, comfort zones, inventive angles and best poses of couples. we’ve got distinctive concepts to form your pre-wedding image shoot fun and caressing.

20 Best Candid Wedding photography

20 best candid wedding Photography   Indian 20 Best candid wedding photography may be a composition of the old and new. Because it covers a really traditional wedding during a new and divergent hue. It captures people once they aren't conscious of their...

Love has no Boundaries Suman weds Vini

Love has no boundaries Suman weds vini   We often go all wedding over the different looks on her special wedding ceremonies and found Love has no boundaries. And well, why would vini not look gorgeous? It is the time of her life! From the very first day of the...

Craziness happens only in Wedding Shaili Weds Sourav

Craziness happens only in Wedding Shaili & Sourav  Craziness happens only in Wedding means a lot the Indian wedding. If you see the wedding photos you will find the importance of ceremony. Not just the couple but the guest also find Craziness happens only in...

Bounded with love Rupak weds Deotima

Bounded with love Rupak weds Deotima   Bounded with love the story of Rupak and deotima over the years since its inception in India, the concept of wedding photography has gone beyond the traditional bounds of being a mere profession to being a zealous passion...

Indian Bridal Makeup Photography

Indian Bridal Makeup Photography   While classic may be a good way to travel together with your bridal eye makeup, experimenting is usually an excellent idea, especially if you'll pull it off and you've got an MUA who can make it look apt and lovely . it isn't...

Indian wedding haldi ceremony photography

Indian wedding haldi ceremony photography   The blessing and Haldi ceremony took place in a specially constructed marquee, which looked absolutely amazing, the beautiful moments for the wedding of bride and groom enjoying with their families. Its really fun to...

Indian Bride Mehendi Photography

Indian Bride Mehendi Photography   Mehndi also referred to as henna may be a a part of the Indian wedding tradition which symbolizes good luck, wealth, and health to the bride as she starts her matrimonial journey. The ceremony organased by the bride family which...

Baby Photography

Baby Photography & Rice Ceremony


Baby event photography is based on Annaprashan ceremony also known as First Rice ceremony , Baby Birthday, New born baby shoot. Angels of loving coming into this world to bring happiness of parental. The natural beauty of babies are little fingers, hands, sweet smiles. Get the updates at our websites for more baby photographs. 

Every rituals of ceremony for a baby is special. Get the better photography on baby to create your memories.
Birthday baby is auspicious day for everyone. Capturing Baby Birthday Photography is to create lots of memories. A joyful moments for parents, colleagues, nephews, friends. You may find the related information and images in our website how the baby birthday photography is taken. Just get booked with us.


Corporate Event Photography

We are experiencing Corporate event photography for more than 20 years with unique audio and visual creation presentable through out the world. Our objective and purpose has been to market with various services. Our professional equipment. Every rituals of ceremony for a baby is special. Get the better photography on baby to create your memories.

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The very first job of a pacesetter is to inspire trust. Trust is that the single most essential element to our ability to deliver extraordinary leads to an everlasting way. Trust results in high-performance because it enables a corporation to figure because it should; it’s the primary defense against dysfunction and therefore the initiative towards delivering better outcomes. As we work to continuously working as a team, we make sure that we face critical mission and solve the issue instantly to work more friendlier. Our company is registered under the Govt. Of India and with special Listed Vendors.


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Their works speak for itself- more than Incredible…. We can honestly say that having a Team like DM DIGITALS is a blessing for last 10years… They are beyond Talented but are so Pleasant, Kind and easy to work… They capture everything we could have ever wanted; they always have great suggestions and listen to what you want to capture as a Couple, as a Parent, as a Family…. and they make it so effortlessly… On your special day, they are a breath of fresh air & a friendly, supportive face… They only want your special day to be Perfection

Susil Kejriwal

Today’s trends everyone’s is photographer but how is it someone who doesn’t pickup the phone during event or after event. I have faced this problems before’. As recommended and reviews I have contact Dm Digitals company. After talking with them it seems that they take responsibility and love to to their jobs. Their team‘ are just extra ordinary talents. Being asked several times ” why don’t you post picture’s” as simple answers- let the people believe our potentials. Its not like that people believe in photography. Ambiance situation’ matters a lot. By seeing good photography from internet wont make your wedding photography better until we get proper ambiance lights decoration, etc.

Subho Ghosh

Sourav and team did our wedding photography. I must say it was a wonderful experience working with them. Their relentless efforts are quite visible in their creations. There were times when I was tired but they never gave up. They captured each and every special moment overcoming all obstacles that arose. Creating moments and having those as memories is the best wedding gift I got. I have memories to cherish my entire lifetime. Looking forward to working with your team in future. Thank you for all that you did!!

Krittika roy