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Own team members along with our own Video production House, Sound Recording Studio, Graphics Designer
Film editor, Quality Control Checkup Team, Support team.

Corporate Photorgraphy

We are experiencing corporate event photography for more than 18 years with unique audio and visual creation presentable through out the world. Our objective and purpose has been to market a company’s products, thus piquing a viewer’s interest even more.

Pre Wedding Photorgraphy

Prewedding photography is a growing trend where engaged couples decide to have professional photos taken in a special location before their wedding day. Get the amazing destination Prewedding portfolios at our website. 

Wedding Photorgraphy

Each of our professional wedding photographer’s work is unique and exclusive of the client’s persona and uniqueness. A Candid Wedding Videography is now popular medium as with every new camera technique, every photographer takes a unique shot.

Babies Photorgraphy

Capturing the precious moments of tradition and the baby crying, laughing face. The precious moments for the family is to gather people around them to celebrate the auspicious day. Providing the Babies photography across Kolkata is the best option to get us.

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Branded Album

Make a Branded Album where you need to keep your memories forever. Choosing branded album can be long lasting. See the album information here. You can get online view using Link given to you or Platform Mobile Apps.

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