First rice ceremony photography in kolkata – Samaira

Great to hear that Samaira is celebrating her First rice ceremony photography in Kolkata. Rice ceremonies are traditional celebrations found in many cultures around the world, including India. It is worth noting that there are many Arab countries with their own customs and traditions. Therefore, certain customs and beliefs surrounding birth and childhood may vary depending on Samaira’s country of origin. With that said, it’s great that Samaira is embracing the country’s traditions of celebrating this important event. It takes place between 6 and 8 months. This is the first time your baby is given solid food (usually rice). During the first rice ceremony photography in Kolkata, family and friends gather to pray for blessings and good luck for the baby’s health and future. It is usually a joyous occasion celebrated with traditional food, music, and decorations. We hope Samira has a great time celebrating India’s first rice ceremony.

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