First Rice Ceremony

First Rice Ceremony is also known as Annaprashan in Bengali. Its an auspicious day for a baby to feed rice for the first time.
The joyful moments for first rice ceremony comes after 6 months of baby boy and 7 months for a baby girl. To celebrate the moments of the first rice ceremony, gathering people to bless the baby.

Capturing the precious moments of tradition and the baby crying, laughing face. The precious moments for the family is to gather people around them to celebrate the auspicious day. Providing the best First rice ceremony photography across Kolkata is the best option to get us. Check our Annaprashan gallery to find related images.

Baby Album

If ever there is tomorrow, there is something you must always remember about the past life. Baby album is only the option you want to have it. When it comes to memories we are there for you. Baby album is one of the precious thing in life. Have the best quality from across India, International Style with tangibility. More over we see many clients, it’s brings the fresh memories when we see the baby album. Where quality matters we are beside you for your assignments. Make sure you booking can save your memories.

Rice Feeding Ceremony

Waiting for long time to have Rice for the first time. This is the traditional ceremony of Hindu. The joyful moments to bring a baby in this world, the joyful moments when the baby eat rice for the first time other than milk for six or seven months. This event is one of the greatest value for the baby and parents. Just find the great pictures gallery from us. More over we just cover more than 250+ in last 6 years.

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