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Creative Candid Wedding Photography in INDIA

Our Storytellers create the story of your events photography. Not just taking photos but creating stories is an art. According to the place and ambiance, a photographer decides to take the photos as an elegant style. The style of the photographer decides whether professional or non-professional. Dm Digitals professional team members allow you to sit back and enjoy the events where we take the good photos for the memories.

Creative and professional not just come by one day. It takes years to gain experience, knowledge and work experience. Giving Service since the Year 2000 our company holds a brand to take your responsibilities. We are a creative professional wedding photographer from Kolkata and our professional video editors turn your wedding into a Cinematic style wedding. Working all over India, and clients from Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Germany, France, etc we gain experience of our client’s taste and working procedures. Completing more than 8500+ Wedding editing videos and more than 3500+ weddings with our team members.


We square measure the team of creative wedding photographers with a passion for candid wedding photography making us additional in style collectively of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, India. We tend to measure specialized to capture artistically totally different distinctive moments that the couple wants to be a gift within the recollections.


Choosing a location is one of the biggest trouble. So we always prefer your choice. Find out a few pre-wedding location in Kolkata and out of the station. . .
Wedding cinematography is the art of documenting a marriage by cinematic style. Our team is artistic and skilled within the correct use of lighting, numerous camera angles with totally different lenses, instrumentality for sleek shooting, and solid writing. With our medium techniques, we have a tendency to are going high on the best wedding cinematographers in Kolkata, India.


A Wedding is not just only having rituals , it’s the right moment and way to capture. Cherish with your family. . .
We area unit extremely counseled to our consumer for pre-wedding photography. it is the best thanks in producing chemistry between the married couple and conjointly to permit an artist to understand regarding likes and dislikes, best postures, comfort zones, inventive angles and best poses of couples. we’ve got distinctive concepts to form your pre-wedding image shoot fun and caressing.


Its all about the artistry. Cinematic wedding films requires experienced  & professional photographers to shoot according to the shots required. Where as traditional videographers shoot the wedding in traditional way. No matter whatever the light or framing is, they will just shoot your entire wedding just to document it. To know more about cinematic wedding click here to read more.  

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