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For Shooting Chroma higher ends camera is required which can capture profile 4:2:2. Lower range of camera has 4:2:0 or 4:0:0 profile.

Commercial / Music Video

Get the best sound track for your music video. With standard Stereo sound to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 we provide you the best support. Experience the best of quality.

Inside Story

Corporate AD Films , Sangeet Video , Commercial Presentation , Officail Shoot.

Chroma shooting (Blue Chroma or Green Chroma) is one of the oldest and most trusted VFX techniques of filmmaking. But, to chroma or not to chroma always depends on the expertise of the VFX supervisor.

  • Reduces the work of Rotoscoping, Characters and props can be easily keyed out if they have shooted properly with greenscreen or bluescreen. Otherwise, it has to go through laborious roto or masking process. 
  • Ideal for background replacement. Once the digital artist removes chroma, it can be replaced with other live action shooting plate or 3D renders passes. Creative ideas can be used for the back plate. Light wrap is essential for convincing post production output.

Doctor’s Interview’s Shoot

Shooting an interview is the most challenging part. Specialised doctors are quite busy , its very hard to take bites from them in right time. Too much noise can be captured if recorded in a lawn, passage. The best possible way to shoot is in green screen, replacing any footages during post production.

We will soon upload demo reel.