This is a big question to us. Whenever you capture photographs, you can’t decide which is best or worst, as just clicking images for your event won’t make satisfy to see those images later whenever you see a photographer photos. You will be busy at that time with your family or friends.
Nowadays many photographers came into the market whenever you decide to have a photographer you can’t decide whom to choose.
You get puzzled with all things, their packages, editing, equipment, etc.
Thus we believe ourselves which is very important, we have everything under one roof. Taking photos is our job, or else don’t give us work

According to different events, (small to big events) with package system, we will tell you the package according to your requirement in the entire event. We will describe to you what you will have a specific budget.Just for information we shoot with DSL Camera (full HD/2k), Do check our Packages and get the ideas.

You may discuss with us further for the best, quote.

Get registered with us or you may simply call us directly after/before registration.We simply don’t quote charges over the phone. Once we have met & discussed the event, it’s location & dates then only can we quote a price.

Please read carefully Terms And Condition.

You just email us or leave a message on WhatsApp. We might not check while working on events. If we are a little late while responding, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Mostly if we do not receive calls while working we will call you back by the night.

We are basically from Kolkata, but we have great tie-ups with studio around Delhi, Mumbai, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Lucknow.

Yes, we go outside of Kolkata for event photography. We have completed our own project in 9 states in India like Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Chennai, Orissa, etc & in abroad we have completed a project in Singapore.

Often, we do allow other photographs to take your photographs. However many photographers use their own lights which are a little problematic to us. Yet we cooperate with other photographers to complete your assignment successfully.

Creating a wedding film is like a documentary film. When you watch a movie you watch it an innumerable number of times& so will you watch your wedding video umpteen times.

During wedding season we receive more than 90+ Wedding events, 2+ Documentary Films editing, 10+ Advertisements, 40+Pre/post shoot, 60+ Album Designing. All completing under 2-7 months.

If your Wedding is between the months of November to January then count as 2 months minimum with album designing, printing, Final video Editing.

During February to April –Minimum10-40 days to complete according to workload.

Discuss with us for more information.

No post production house will receive your work for Editing during season time.If you wish to have the videos before time extra charges will be applied for it. As post production is the actual time to complete an assignment.Assume that you have 2 hours of footage and you want cinematic Wedding, then it will take more than 30-50 Hours to edit, depending on situation and footage.

We will send you album designs for verification. We will make changes until you give us final confirmation.After printing, your album will be delivered to you directly from printing lab. For localities, we will deliver to you at your doorstep.

For the local Client/Customers, we will make changes until you are satisfied. We will first check your packages of the event. We do not charge more than twice for Nominal Package In the case of albums if any dispute arises then we will change the album too. Album will not be changed after confirmation/printing. Any mistakes like double picture or replacement have to verified by the clients.

For outsiders we send courier to them while it takes a long time to edit depending on the client’s cooperation.

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