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Kolkata eco park prewedding Nishant Vandana


Different couples have different ideas for his or her pre-wedding photoshoots.

Some couples want it to be simple and natural, while others choose more glamorous, editorial shoots. It’s important to debate this before doing the session, so you’ll deliver exactly what the clients envision.

The best way is to satisfy them, but it’s not always possible, and therein case, a phone or Skype call will do. We need to understand the stories between them, understand the body language, and thinking. That is how the prewedding stories changes. The more conversation the more we can create outstanding results. How they met, what themes they need in mind, and if there are any remarkable moments in their relationship which will be incorporated into the session.

Couples have usually formed ideas before they meet the photographer, but it always helps when the photographer can accompany more creative ideas for the engagement session.
This might sound sort of a little bit of weird advice for a pre wedding photoshoot session, but after many shots of the couple, your gallery needs variations. you’ll add little details just like the closeup of the ring , the intertwined fingers, or their barefoot feet on the sand.

The visual communication can say the maximum amount as facial expressions do, and having a gallery of few images interspersed with these details can really transform it to a different level.