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Indian Bride Mehendi Photography

 Indian Bride Mehendi also referred to as henna may be a a part of the Indian wedding tradition which symbolizes good luck, wealth, and health to the bride as she starts her matrimonial journey. The ceremony organased by the bride family which occours on night before the marriage ceremony with all families and friendsalong with the groom families. A lot of Mehendi functions are done nowadays. Henna is placed on on the hands and therefore the feet of the bride, an evening before the marriage , where it’s believed to chill the body’s nerve-endings while keeping the bride calm throughout her big day. Usally post henna ceremony traditionally for female membes. Now a days groom have the mehendi in their hands and attend the The Mehndi Party may be a modern addition to the ceremony. There are choreographed dances performed by the relations and later with the bride, as a way of celebrating her upcoming wedding. Therefore re-union of familes together to celebrate the couple wedding and mehendi. Do subscribe us on youtube for more updates.

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