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Professional Video Editing

How we do! Live Experience

DM DIGITALS experience for more than 19 years of journey to the wedding video editing industry. It’s a Creative job like no other job.

People ask me why it takes so long time?
I said, let you come and enjoy yourself with us for a while. In the markets photographers are available but finding a good editor is hard to find or they might deny your assignment to take depends on the workload. For a minute editing, it might take up to 30min – 24 hours to make it. Editing is not a photo printer that we capture just edit the footage. Before Video Editing we have to see the video footage, discussion, thinking, rough edit, effects, music, merging, finalize, render.

What Comes video editing unique services?

Wedding photography, as well as wedding editing, is unique from others. You can shoot in temporary locations as per client’s but every time you do will present new types of rituals, behavior, ambiance, decoration, etc. The challenging part is how to present your assignment. What people will love, how they behave after seeing this. A unique wedding video editing service is the most challenging nowadays. Putting all together making a meaningful film creates lots of effects.
In the modern periods, we came with a solution to make it done. Our ways of video editing service will make it unique. Every wedding video is customized editing. No project basis.
Creativity is concerned with making the video perfect. But also required a professional videographer to take a good angle, directions, fresh imaginary.
Being a professional video editor and a film editor I understand the frames to capture in any events. While shooting sometimes I have to give them a good direction’s to make it perfect.

We provide a professional video editing service. Believe it is us to get the proper assignment.

Why does it take time to get delivered?
Well, video editing always takes time to get delivered. For a normal wedding, it takes time around 3-4 days but for cinematic video editing, it may take around. 1-2 weeks to gets completed.

Steps of video editing.

  1. Division of footages.
  2. Importing into software as per Division.
  3. Layout breaking according to the sequence.
  4. Song selection as per footages.
  5. Basis editing.
  6. Extra footages applying for cinematic feelings.
  7. Music Composition.
  8. Theme composition ( sequence composition )
  9. Effects composition and applying.
  10. Quality and screening testing.
  11. Rendering and output to various quality as per needs.