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What is the difference between cinematography and videography

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A wedding artist is there to capture every moment of your big day because it unfolds, whereas a marriage videographer captures the event on film in order that you’ll be able to watch your wedding video for years to come back.
Choosing the correct videographer for your wedding is equally as vital as selecting the correct wedding artist – every videographer can have a distinct vogue and in contrast to a artist, you may presumably solely receive one wedding video and there won’t diverge versions for you to settle on from. to assist you decide on the most effective wedding videographer in Kolkata, NCR, india, we’ve got the few most vital inquiries to raise your videographer to confirm that he’s the best suitable you.

Videographer vs Cinematographer

Choosing the right cinematographer?

CINEMATOGRAPHY  – A tons of gadgets used in shooting pre-wedding, wedding. To get the best shots without any shaky. Although today’s advanced software correct shaky shots using (image stabilizer). Cinematography should know how to use all types of gadgets. New technology helps cinematographers to produce beautiful shots, imagination shots, make it possible to shoot like a pro. Whether it’s a travel video or music video, wedding videos, or filming documentary thanks to these gadgets to reach new possibilities of creating shots. 360-degree shots, time-lapse, hyper-lapse shoot can be possible to enrich videos. 

VIDEOGRAPHY – Only documenting the scenes. It could be shaky enough to view by a visualizer. While the corporate show, traditional wedding gadgets are limited used, maybe a tripod or mono-pod or a slider. This will limit any videographer to shoot like a pro. Whether they will take a shot they need to work very hard or not possible to take shots like 360-degree rotation or walk through with a camera.