Indian wedding haldi ceremony photography

 The blessing and Wedding haldi ceremony took place in a specially constructed marquee, which looked absolutely amazing, the beautiful moments for the wedding of bride and groom enjoying with their families. Its really fun to capture the moments of the ceremoies from every cultures and blessings.
The enjoyment during the shoot was quite better working with Wedding Directors. The priest conduct the first part and involved a number of traditional Indian rituals. After the rituals all wedding guest members arrange haldi or turmeric to put one to another. Playing like holi is just fun. The Haldi ceremony is so colorful and vibrant and so much fun to photograph. Haldi usally put on the feet, kneed, handa, arm and face but for the fun while haldi ceremony many uses haldi water with full Balti to make them bath. The fightening with the amount of haldi paste put together to bride or groom by the end.
Following the Wedding haldi ceremony, everyone enjoyed the rest of the day by talking, eating, drinking, and dancing. The ceremony was just a few days before the actual wedding day and it was such a relaxed and happy atmosphere and the perfect way to start off all the official celebrations.

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