Terms and conditions Before / After Assignment Booking 

Process of Making Album
  1. Album Designing will change once, after designing. Changes will be made once.
  2. Album Size will not be changed after designing. Extra pages will charge Rs 285/-sheet.
  3. Smart Album Designing is applicable for International Series Album
  4. The demonstration album or another client album might not be the same as yours. Photography is based on Location, ambiance, and Space
  5. After the picture gets selected the days will be counted from the dates we received the Numbers.
  6. The layout will be made then send to you for rectification, just confirming it before designing. The layout can be changed as per your basis.
  7. Once the layout gets confirmed then the design starts. After designing we may make minor changes in the images as per alignment.
  8. The only possibilities option will be applied for the album if any certain changes are done after the design.
  9. Once the design gets confirmed then we will process for the final correction.
  10. The album design correction has to be notified within 3 days after we deliver for confirmation.
    Process of making video
    1. The video will be delivered via Google Drive for Verification. Once it gets confirmed then it will be given to your HDD/Drive.
    2. Make sure that you download every file and make a backup copy of your digital media. After delivery, we won’t be guaranteed the file backup. Usually, we do keep a backup up to 2 months after delivery.
    3. Depending on time, the process may take around 2-3 months even more depends on client feedbacks and communications. 
    4. We ensure that giving us space and time can make the film better.
    5. Don’t make us hurry to provide you with the editing file. The editing takes a lot of time.
    6. The estimated processing time can be 60 days.
    7. Quality checking will be processed after verification only from the clients.

    Charges in Changes ( Album / Video )

    1. The album will be changes only once and make sure that you dont change after the design. 
    2. The Charges will be applied if multiple changes is made. 
    3. The song will be selected before Video editing starts and if any songs is not fit for the Assignment, we may not use it. 
    4. Only 2 songs can be changed after editing, more than 2 songs at a time will be charged. 
    5. The song will be changed only one time. 
    6. Do not compare your events photography with others as it depens with lots of things and cannot be same as always. 
    7. Do not hold us for more than 72 hours after delivery of Video / Album confirmation. 
    8. Based on that if its late from your end, the charges will be applied Rs 3000 for the project opening.
    9. Incase we make late during the process, no charges will be applied and we make sure that we give you proper feedback and quality.

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