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Eco park prewedding kolkata | love beyond the frontier

 The couple always inquiry us for the Eco park prewedding Kolkata A thematic prewedding shoot is a shoot that has a specific theme that you and your partner have chosen together. You can choose a theme that evokes a general ambiance like Eco Park, or even something more specific, like the Eco Park or a theme based on travel. For the location cleverly adjust everything to go with the theme you’ve chosen. For instance, if you go with a western theme, do it in a ranch with you two dressed in folk attire.
Now here comes the fun part. Prewedding in kolkata is one of the best locations to shoot for the prewedding although it’s chargeable . We present you with a list of unique places you can consider as your pre-wedding locations.
Now take a look at the theme and concept and for sure that you will love it too.
Take a look at the chargers of the prewedding shoot at Eco park Kolkata.

Charges of Eco park Kolkata

  • The Charges of Eco park Kolkata is Rs 5,000 upto dated ( 16.05.23 ) till now.
  • The charges can be changes anytime which cannot be possible to get updates.
  • The Guideliens of the eco park get changes every 6 Months or before, so if any chargable applies we might not know exactly.
  • The Photographers book the venue, Make sure the location is much more larger so few extra amount can be taken by the photographers.
  • The Photographers or the client can book by entering the venue.
  • The easient way to enter from gate no-3 which is shorter route to visit at there eco park office. ( Only for Booking )
  • From morning 7 am the visiting hours starts for only photographers and clients upto 8:00 Pm
  • Total 6 members are allowed to enter from only Gate no-2 which is mandatory. ( Till Updated Info 16.05.2023 )
  • Extra members are chargable Rs 30 Each from Gate no-2.
  • Try to take dress changes tent, water, foods along with you. You might not get everything from inside as the location is larger.

For other shooting, discuss and book with us for yours safety, easy Photoshoot, Cinematography, etc.


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