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Prewedding at the Maidan Kolkata | Someone to love


A longer lens may be a staple of pre wedding photoshoots because it produces beautiful images that not only complement your subject’s best features but also create a gorgeous background blur that helps keep the main target on them.

Mid-range lenses sort of a 50mm lens can create distortion that creates the topic look plump and unflattering, so choose an 85mm or 200mm lens for pre-wedding shots (unless you would like to possess a landscape shot with the couple, and therein case, choose the short lenses).

Using a longer lens also will make the couple feel more relaxed, as you don’t need to stand too on the brink of them to urge the romantic closeup shots. For the couple, it’s hard to act naturally when there’s a camera right ahead of their faces, so having it at a distance can help put them comfortable.

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