5 key points you should concern before booking a venue/banquets in Kolkata

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Choosing a venue location for a wedding event is crucial and you should concern 5 key points you should concern before booking a venue/banquets in Kolkata. Maybe you have to get booked before 1 year or 8 months at least. Providing you the best location and best-rated venue for the wedding at Kolkata are listed below. 

01. Tell us about your booking locations

While you are hiring a wedding photographer they may be or may not be well aware about the location or banquets in kolkata. Tell them if not visited in location, please tell them to do have a look. You can show them any samples like pictures or videos

02. How much power they can provide for the photographers

Wedding photographers uses heavy lights and powerful halogens called porta-lights or led lights. Make sure that they have sufficient power to overload the wedding venues. During the summer season powering on air conditioner is mandatory , so it could be a disaster if we don’t get sufficient light while working.

03. Why choosing big banquets

May be not for everyone, we have worked most of banquets in kolkata. While working in a big banquets like NOVETEL , ITC ROYAL BENGAL , ITC SONAR BANGLA , GRAND OBEROI , PARK HOTEL , PRIDE HOTEL , etc. Its all about locations that embrace the images. Location is very important for a photographer for snapping good pictures. Spaces is required for shooting .

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